Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a very young dancer

by Jill Krementz.
My daughter just began ballet and I've had this book since I was a bunheaded whippersnapper myself.  It's frayed and torn around the edges and I hadn't peeked into it for about 20 years, until last week.  It was as if I had never closed the cover.

I love the seventies style clothes and hair.

The photos are great.  It's the story of a young dancer named Stephanie, who attends George Balanchine's School of American Ballet.

She gets to mingle with some amazing ballerinas.

There was a series of A Very Young Etc...but I had a one track mind as a child...I was only interested in dancing.

And horses.

Oh, and dogs.

And writing.

And archaeology.

Was there A Very Young Archaeologist?

P.S.  This sells for $189.00 on amazon right now, so I'm holding on tightly to my dust jacket covered copy.

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