Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I, Crocodile

I, Fred Marcellino.  Somewhat of a creative genius.

Crocodile lives in the sewer, where he is quite happy and enjoys his three meals a day, plus snacks.

He is proud of his rich crocodile heritage.

Until Napoleon shows up.  'You know, that French guy who thought he owned the world?'

Incidentally, this is most of what my kids know about Napoleon.

Croc has some great moves and entertains the tourists after Napoleon captures him.
Until they get bored and decide to make him into crocodile pie (all the rage in Cairo).

He escapes.

But he's hungry.

What's a starving crocodile to do?


  1. I have been on here before. I think i found you through another blog or was it twitter? I wanted to follow your blog but couldnt find out how. I am not sure if u told you this
    Before but you need to be on! Your content is too
    Amazing to not have comments on it! Tell them I sent ya!

  2. Lyssa,
    Sydney and Olivia want to write a review
    Let me know what we need to do.