Thursday, March 15, 2012

J.F.K. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

By Delaney McDonald, grade 6.

My story about J.F.K. is a very important story it’s about his childhood, his teenage and young adult years, and then his presidency and death. As we already know J.F.K was the 35th president of the United States of America or USA for short. He did miraculous things for our country and he didn’t stop trying until he accomplished it.  The world would be very different if John Fitzgerald Kennedy never became president of the USA. Many people didn’t like what he did at first but they got used to it. He always tried to good and never tried to do anything badly. Now let’s begin with his childhood.

            As a child J.F.K. was sick all the time. Everyone called him jack so that’s what I will call him as well. He had a high fever one time and got VERY sick. He is only 2 and a half and there is no rooms in the hospital for him. His mother Rose should not even try to take care of him. He needs to go to the hospital. It is not healthy for Rose to take care of Jack because she is about to have her fourth child soon. You see Jack had a very bad disease called scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is very dangerous it could kill you! The best medical assistant comes by and sees how bad jack is. And fortunately he got jack in the best hospital in town.

            Every day after work Jacks father would come and visit him. The father was so scared Jack was going to die because Jack was in the hospital for two months! Luckily Jacks fever started to go down a little bit and Jack went home on the end of the second month. Jack had two sisters the first sisters was named Rosemary and the other named Kathleen. Kathleen was the child about to be born. Then Jack had one brother named Joe Jr.                   

            Now let’s learn about Jacks teenage and early adult years. Jacks teenage years were sometimes crazy and sometimes cool.  In 1935 Jack graduated from Choate.  Jack also went to Harvard University. Then Nazis crossed the Cologne Bridge during Germany’s invasion of Rhineland in1936! That act of aggression threw the nation of Europe in to conflict. Then in 2000 (when I was born) Hasbro Toy Company made a doll of Jack! Later on Rose Kennedy’s challenges encouraged her family to help others. Jack had a bad school report one time.  It read “English 86, Latin 55, History 77, Mathematics 95, Science 72, and Religion 75”.

His grades were not very good were they? As you can see Jacks worst subject was Latin. Most students (for an unknown reason) had to learn Latin. No one really knows why but it seemed to be very important to people back then. His schools were both in Connecticut. Jacks high school was teaching a catholic education.

            Are you ready to learn about Jacks presidency and death? I thought so. As a president Jack got to do all sorts of cool stuff. Jack got to of course be president. Jack got to meet many voters all the time! A man named Bobby worked closely with Jack all the time! I bet he got tired. Now I could go on and on about his presidency. But if I did that then I would have absolutely no room for his death.

            Now Jack’s death was so sad to everyone to see him die. Jack got shot in the head by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee got caught and arrested on November 23. A lot of people came to his funeral. People traveled all across the world to see his funeral.

Jack did so many things for the world. He died protecting us and giving people rights. He is the one who inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to be president and help people. Without Jack the world would probably be a very bad place. Jack was amazing! So the next time when you feel like giving up remember how Jack never gave up and how he made a difference in the world.    

                        THE END

            This story was dedicated to everyone who needs to be encouraged.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald

Review by Annalise, age 10.

The princess and the goblin is a great book for people who like young but brave princesses, and a lot of adventure. It is a great book.  I would recommended it.  The main character's name is Irene, and she is a very curious princess. One of her good friends name is Curdie. Curdie is a miner boy, who lives in the mountains. But sometimes Curdie and Irene get on each other's nerves. When Curdie and Irene meet Irene's nurse Lootie (who watches Irene)  Lootie did not like Curdie because he was just a minor boy and she didn't trust him.  But in the end Lootie decides he is not so bad after all. 

Curdie is a very important character because one day when he is sleeping against a rock, he hears goblins talking about invading the palace!  He goes and tells his parents first (they sort of believe him).  He waits a while before telling Irene because they are not getting along.

Irene has a grandma living in the tower but Curdie doesn't believe her and that's another reason why they aren't getting along very well.

The goblins invade the palace through the holes in the boards of the floor!  By the time Curdie decides to tell what he knows about the goblins, they are already coming up through the floor!  The goblins have their own creatures called the Cobs too and Irene gets chased by one that looks like a long legged cat.  There are many others, some of them have clown heads, and they are all a little freaky!

Usually when you read books about princesses they are usually very proper.  But Irene is curious and trusts herself, which I like!

P.S.  We just found out that a famous choreographer named Twyla Tharp did a ballet based on this story!

Monday, March 5, 2012

War Horse

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Review by Cora, age 11.

War Horse takes place in World War 1, where a young colt named Joey grows up on a farm
 with his owner and best friend Albert. But when the war starts Joey is separated from Albert and sent to France to fight.  They needed the horses for pulling carts and riding into battles.  I think this is interesting because my mom didn't know that!   Albert is too young to be a soldier.

Joey wonders if the war will ever end and if it does ever end will he find Albert again?  I liked that it felt like I was reading a book that was written by a horse!  Except this horse had good spelling.  Hahahaha!

War Horse is a great book with excitement and adventure. I loved War Horse because it has a great beginning and end of the book  The middle was good too.

Joey is a unique horse with a white cross on his forehead and has a sun burst red coat. He tries to find Albert after he was sent off to war and meets many friends, like a horse named Topthorn, along the way. War Horse was made into a movie as well but i would suggest reading the book before the movie and if you're like me, you'll have to get it at the Redbox or something because we missed it at the theater!