Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the monster at the end of this book

by jon stone.
and lovable, furry, old Grover.  Naturally.

We own two copies of this book.  You know, in case we're set upon by mad book thieves in the middle of the night or something.
You need to be prepared.

We've read it so much my four year reads it to me now.  Which is somewhat hilarious.

Poor Grover is terrified of the title of his own book.  He is scared of monsters.  He doesn't want you to turn the page.

If you have a four year old monkey, he will expound a ton of fake energy and flexing of his finger muscles to turn the pages for you.

Even a brick wall (or nails, or rope) can stop your ferocious little reader at this point.

The pages must be turned.

Poor Grover.

this is a must for little monsters everywhere.

Buy two copies.


  1. What a great idea! I look forward to following this blog!

  2. Noisy Nora is next on the list!

    Now if I could just get my photos to quit flippin somersaults! Amy, you're a fab photographer, what gives??

  3. Ha! We had that book when I was little! I loved it!

  4. This was one of the books recommended to me at Sydney's baby shower....sweet memories.