Monday, January 23, 2012

Strawberry Girl

Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski.

Review by Annalise Rose, age 10.

If you like stories about people who are some times friends, but most of the the time they are enemies, then try this book.   

 The book's main character is Birdie. She is a 10 year old girl. Her and her family just moved to Florida. She was excited to start  planting strawberries, till she met her new neighbors. But when she starts planting her strawberries her neighbors let all their cattle trample all of them! Because the cattle could not get to the lake to  a drink without going through her patch, Birdies father started arguing.  Her neighbor Sam Slatter  did not want to go the other way around. But in the end Birdie learns a good lesson.

Julie of the Wolves

     review by Cora Williams age 11
Julie of the Wolves is a great story about a girl named Julie. After her father disappears out at sea, Julie sets out to the Alaskan wilderness and runs into a pack of wolves that treat her like family. Julie soon finds life's hardship in the wilderness, and starvation and frostbite are the least of her worries.  In the wolf pack Julie names all the wolves, Amaroq, Nails, Jello, Silver, and Kapu. But remember, in the Alaskan wilderness any thing could happen!    
 Julie of the wolves is a great story for those who love a good adventure.     

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Books of Umber series

The Books of Umber series by P.W. Catanese.

Review by Cora Nycole, age 11.

The Books of Umber are a great series for those who like mystery,excitement and adventure.The books have nonstop fun cliffhangers at every chapter from the first book to the third. The books are a great past time or any time.  I would suggest these books if you like dragon, trolls, little people, and other strange creatures.

The main character name is Happenstance. Happenstance has countless adventures with his best friend Umber.

Happenstance wakes with no memory of his past and Umber tries to help him find out where he came from,
even if it means risking his and others life on many occasions.

Does Happenstance get his memory back? you will have to read to find out.

Sarah Plain and Tall

Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.

Review by Annalise Rose, age 9 (but practically 10).

This is a story that takes place in pioneer days.  It all started on a prairie in Maine.

A girl named Anna was living with her brother and father.  Her brother was named Caleb, her father was named Jacob.

Anna was a sweet and shy girl.  She loved to run in the fields.  One day her father, who she called Papa, came up to her and Caleb and he showed them a letter he had written to a girl named Sarah.  And a letter from Sarah.

He told his children that she was coming for a month and that she is coming on a train and she is plain and tall.

Why is she coming, asked Anna.

Her father said "If she likes it here she stay and marry me."

Anna and Caleb loved Sarah and she loved them.

I recommend this book!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

By Audrey Wood, illustrated by Don Wood.

King Bidgood's in the tub...and he won't get out...

...the duke can't convince him.  The queen can't convince him.

King Bidgood's eating lunch in in there...

doing battle in there...

Did I mention fishing?  This is my favorite page.  It's full of worms and fish and turtles and frogs.

Pretty soon the whole court is invited.   They get a little soppy.  Plus the ladies keep averting their eyes from this:

King Bidgood's royal nekkedness.

Finally, they figure out a way to get the king out of his tub.

They pull the plug.

This is the same hubby and wifey team who did The Napping House and Heckedy Peg.  Amazing illustrations and whimsical stories, every one.