Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brave Potatoes

This is my children's all time, hands down, flat out, for sure, tru dat, favorite book for forever.  And ever.

I actually don't really know why... it's a little strange, a little nonsensical, a little bizarre.  The rhymes are odd and change patterns.  The illustrations are cute but they don't really pop and they aren't full of bright colors.

There's just something about it though...

Basically the plot is this:  the potatoes are spunky little moms and dads and spuds who sneak off from the county fair at night and head out to ride the Zip.  They're fearless, you see.

But Hackemup the chef is a ruthless vegetable killer and he's got his mouth set on some taters...

He potatonaps the heroes and brings em back to his kitchen...for his soup, for his stew, for his chowder and his brew...

What other book will teach your four year French cooking terms?

Of course, our brave potatoes rebel and what comes of Hackemup we'll never know...
...would you care to taste the soup?

We no longer own our copy which is a shame because I believe it's out of print.  Nevertheless, we all have the entire thing memorized and like to shout out things like,

Get in line, potatoes! Now the end is near!  The cabbages are quaking! The onions are in tears!


Have you heard the story yet of Idaho and Juliette?  A spud by any other name is still a spud and tastes the same.


Potatoes never listen.  Potatoes have no ears.

 Read it to your spuds today.  You'll be quoting in no time.


  1. My little tater, Quinn, loves this book! It is a family fav!

  2. This book is forever mashed between my ears.....