Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday Wars

Guest writer:
Delaney McDonald

"Wednesday Wars"

This was a funny book about a boy named Hooling Hoodhood and all his junior high suffering from his teacher Ms. Baker, his family and other kids in his classroom. It takes place during the Vietnam War, and Mr. Baker’s husband is in the war and MIA (missing in action). Heather, Hoolings sister is a war sympathetic and is very strange. She becomes a flower child and her parent’s disapprove of her support against the war.   Hooling is a boy who thinks his teacher is out to get him and make his junior high days miserable. This story is great because there are rats, fighting, adventure, family problems and so much more. It made me think about my own life in some ways too, so that was cool. The main theme is all about Hooling and how he copes with becoming his own person, instead of a gutless wimp that his sister calls him.  His teacher Ms. Baker makes him read Shakespeare, tear apart complicated sentences, etc. He has a active imagination and loves books about adventures. When he gets suckered into doing a Shakespeare play he finds out how much he loves Shakespeare and how good of an actor he is. He even makes people cry. In the end everything works out. Ms. Bakers husband is found, Hooling finds out Ms. Baker actually is helping him and not torturing him and the bullies stop picking on him. I give this book 3 ½ stars. It would get more, but it’s really long!

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