Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald

Review by Annalise, age 10.

The princess and the goblin is a great book for people who like young but brave princesses, and a lot of adventure. It is a great book.  I would recommended it.  The main character's name is Irene, and she is a very curious princess. One of her good friends name is Curdie. Curdie is a miner boy, who lives in the mountains. But sometimes Curdie and Irene get on each other's nerves. When Curdie and Irene meet Irene's nurse Lootie (who watches Irene)  Lootie did not like Curdie because he was just a minor boy and she didn't trust him.  But in the end Lootie decides he is not so bad after all. 

Curdie is a very important character because one day when he is sleeping against a rock, he hears goblins talking about invading the palace!  He goes and tells his parents first (they sort of believe him).  He waits a while before telling Irene because they are not getting along.

Irene has a grandma living in the tower but Curdie doesn't believe her and that's another reason why they aren't getting along very well.

The goblins invade the palace through the holes in the boards of the floor!  By the time Curdie decides to tell what he knows about the goblins, they are already coming up through the floor!  The goblins have their own creatures called the Cobs too and Irene gets chased by one that looks like a long legged cat.  There are many others, some of them have clown heads, and they are all a little freaky!

Usually when you read books about princesses they are usually very proper.  But Irene is curious and trusts herself, which I like!

P.S.  We just found out that a famous choreographer named Twyla Tharp did a ballet based on this story!

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  1. Anna, George MacDonald is one of my favorite authors! Now, I have to go re-read this one. (great review, too)